Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Am I beeing Negative???

Click on pictures to enlarge

I Love what my husband did
on my site with those pictures in negative...
We can't afford a lot of things,
but I'm happy we're creative & daring...
transforming this collection
" All Wrapped In Black"
in white
made it look quiet similar
to the all white
" Between Heaven & Earth" collection
that I transformed in negative here for you...
Not so negative after all...


chelliswilson. said...

Hello! I found your work via "Oh Joy!" blog, and I had to write and say that your collection absolutely took my breath away! Perfection! I'm a retailer, and I'd love to see a line sheet---it's rare that I see anything that moves me so much.


Rita said...


well thank you :) it always makes me glad to know that someone appriciate my work that much...
I'm a lonely fashion designer at the moment and everything you see of my work is what I do all by myself, creating, tailoring, some of the pictures , the moovies etc etc... so unfortunatly I don't have production at the moment but I'm working on it :) cross your finguers for me :) we'll see :)

Thank you again, Rita