Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camilla Akrans is The Bride....

Photo. Camilla Akrans for Vogue...

In love with this "serie"...
it's not every day that it happens to me,
My love for white, nature, simplicity and sensuality
have all been answered right here...
( even though I prefer brunettes as you all might know )
Beautiful palette of white, gold and my favorite is when you
can see a peace of heaven in the blue sky...
Simplicity is sometimes a genius act...
a perfect shoot by a perfect "Bride"
makes want to create :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bloom #17


Rita Saardi Private Garden Collection Summer 2006

I like being a flower girl....
I don't like being a modern girl....
Fashion should be all about fun...
Fashion is sometimes everything but fun...
I'm glad that I'm always having fun doing it,
even when my fingers are bleeding and
my back is aching...
today I'm working on a special project that
I can't share with you for the moment...
but soon enough
and it reminded me of this...
I sure am "The Flower Girl"
and for those who prefer conceptual overdone
and overworked ideas...
just keep walking don't stop at my station...
I'm proud to be a "romantique"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let me Be...

There are days when I just want
to listen to a nice record
relax and let myself flow...
everyone should do this from time to time...
it's the best feeling ever...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can't wait...

Nine première in Paris 3 Mars
I can't wait just to see the décor and the costumes
and of course to drag my husband with me
to see a musical
he will do it cause he is secretly in love with
Penélope Cruz so....

What a lovely surprise...

My little bra is becoming a Diva I landed a sweet collaboration thanx to this tiny thing...
I'll tell you more soon, for the moment it's shhhh...

Feather Head piece Lars Wallin
Bra Rita Saardi
Model Tilda Stockholmsgruppen

Soma Mag Cover THE "Charlotte Gainsbourg"

Editorial by Photographer Martin Vallin
Fashion Editor Emma Thorstrand

I was so happy to discover this today...
first of all I really like Emmas work & editorials...
I was glad to discover Martin Vallins world
he has a beautiful blog by the way
check it out the link is on his site...
The fact that the cover is the lovely
Charlotte Gainsbourg
made it sweeter...
one more fun thing is that I once had
a "stage" at Lars Wallin in Stockholm in 2004...
yes I was his trainee :)
so it's extra lovely to share a picture...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I was a Coppola...

Most of you would have guessed that I
wrote "if I was a Coppola" to finish
the sentence like this:
"I would be directing Kirsten in
Marie-Antoinette in Versailles"

But I would like to add
that I would have had a dad
who made something as extraordinary as
"The Godfather" become available on
my DVD shelf....
Me a Godfather fan... eh
Aren't you???
plus who wouldn't like her own father
directing her in a masterpiece
playing the daughter of
Monsieur Corleone
( Al Pacino not just anyone...)
and being the "cousin"
and lover of
( do I need to remind you that
Vincent is no other then
Andy Garcia.... )

ok this is tooo frustrating....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lisa Hasselgren/Rita Saardi

Here is the serie by Lisa Hasselgren
and a team of great artists,
their own interpretation
of my last two collections
The first three pictures
figuered in Hea7en #2
I know I am ;)
ps: Special thank you to Elva
who first discovered my work
and presented this idea to the others...

Photographer: Lisa Hasselgren
Make up: Elva Ahlbin
Model: Johanna F

Lisa Hasselgren / Loam

I just discovered those Beautiful (with a big B)
photographies by Lisa Hasselgren
In the first and second picture
the stylist Anna Hassan-Reza
has used my
waiting to be kissed collection
I love all three pictures in this little serie...
the model is divine...
thank you girls...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

HEA7EN #2 Online now...

HEA7EN 2 Finally online...

I'm so excited,
finally after a couple of month
of cruel and endless waiting
of the new issue of
it's finally online.
I'm glad to future in this second number,
Hea7en discovered my work already
in their first issue
thanx to the beautiful editorial
where stylist
Emma Thorstrand had used a couple
of pieces of my
if you are curious and want to discover
this new issue and read
this interview with moi :)
You can discover a couple of personal polaroids
and the beautiful photographies
that she took of my work
where stylist Anna Hassan-Reza played
with my last two collections
"All Wrapped In Black"
& "Waiting to Be Kissed"
I want to say a big thank you
to all those people I mentioned here
and special thank You To
Françoise Chief Editor
of Hea7en for
her intrest in my work
and her determination
of presenting to you a beautiful
and personal interview of me :)
David also merci.
Elva, the make up is perfect
thank you for beeing the one
who discovered my work
and started this whole thing :)
Hanse, the hair rocks :)


of corse and as usual it's my husband
Aurélien Lemoine
that helped me make another litle vision come true...
je t'aime

Things I enjoyed doing before...

collage fabric, textile details & paper on glass and cardboard
Rita Saardi, Svensk Form summer 2005 Stockholm

Back in 2005 I used to make things just for
the fun of it, just because I wanted to...
Today over dinner we were a couple of girls all
four of us working in fashion
talking about how aggressive and dishonest
the fashion world actually is
at least here in Paris...
we had so many horrible stories to share...
how is it possible that in a field where
people are supposed to be creative open minded
and rule breaking there is nothing
of that left today anymore.
We even shared some racism stories...
yes some people in fashion are true racists,
true old-fashioned and conservative
people who don't want to
"mix" with others...
In the end of the evening I was giving
one of the girls an advice
and I heard myself saying
" don't force yourself, don't follow any rules
just have fun, remember why you're
a fashion designer and just have fun"
and then I thought I should tell this to myself more often...
to all my friends in fashion
to special girls
Tina, Kinga, Nadine, Eve, Valentine...
Don't let anyone break your spirit
for sure the bitches are outnumbering us
but we're too smart to let them win
shake them off you, punch them,
kick them, bully them out,
do whatever you want
but don't ever give up
your dreams
don't ever sell your soul
stay focus and most important

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is how it feels...

It feels like the beats in this song when you're
being creative
you feel your blood rushing through your veins...
it's an excellent feeling...
( your head is spinning like
Marie Antoinette, only she from champagne
and mine from concentrating on small
fabric pieces in my hands :)

I'm working on a special project,
for the first time I'm creating for someone else
"officially" ,
it's complicated ( you have to deal with others...
some are too professional
some less don't know which is worse
I'm so used to be by my own )
but it's a nice collaboration
an ultra feminine fashion house
with an open minded
and human Head Designer...
of corse I can't tell you more about it...
but I just felt I needed a break
from all my lace :)
thought I'll write a couple of lines to
share this feeling...
my back hurts
but the rest is good :)
froufrou for life

My New Site ... Enjoy :) My new website by my darling Aurélien Lemoine :) Merci mon amour...