Sunday, September 27, 2009


My New Collection is ready...
can't wait to reveal it to you
in two weeks...
It's Colorful
I Love it...
For all proffessionals
don't miss IbeyoStudio
pressday the 14th october
Stockholm / Sweden
See you there with the new collection...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Annie Lennox! Why?

Because this is perfection
I had forgotten all about this song,
the lyrics, the music her voice...
This beautiful video...
The colors, her eyes in the mirror, the feathers...
I 'm so glad I remembered it today...
you can watch it on Youtube...
" I don't think you know what I feel"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Am I beeing Negative???

Click on pictures to enlarge

I Love what my husband did
on my site with those pictures in negative...
We can't afford a lot of things,
but I'm happy we're creative & daring...
transforming this collection
" All Wrapped In Black"
in white
made it look quiet similar
to the all white
" Between Heaven & Earth" collection
that I transformed in negative here for you...
Not so negative after all...

Purpule & Green...

Click on picture to enlarge

I absolutly love this look.
Can one say LOVE about something
you've done yourself ???
I guess no but I don't care...
I think it's perfection...

Art Of Love

Click on Image to enlarge

Another collection of mine...
I love having flash backs...
This time in Black & White by
Andreas Johansson
Love it

When A man Loves a Woman...

Click on Image to enlarge.

These are some old creations...
wanted to share
Beauty is every where...
I love beeing a fashion designer...
It's hard, but it's fun

Ceci n'est pas une collection...

Ceci n'est pas une boite

Ceci n'est pas un papillion

Ceci n'est pas la perfection

Ceci n'est pas une fête

Ceci n'est pas une surprise

ceci n'est pas une taille

ceci n'est pas un feu d'artifice

ceci n'est pas un cadeau

ceci n'est pas une étoile

ceci n'est pas un carré

ceci n'est pas un animale

ceci n'est pas une ville

ceci n'est pas une gamme

ceci n'est pas une épaule

ceci n'est pas la fin

details from "All wrapped In Black"
Rita Saardi

Lovely in white CREAM...

Detail of my white cloud dress

Detail of Marc Jacobs beautiful layering

Detail of my white body

Detail of Marc Jacobs white ruffle dress

Detail of an evening dress in my "Between Heaven & Earth" collection

Detail of a shoulder Marc Jacobs

Detail of my top in a cloudy dream

Detail of Marc Jacobs in another dream

Big collar in my "Between Heaven & Earth" collection

Big collar in the Marc Jacobs fantasy show...

My princess in white ruffles...

Marc Jacobs Ruffle dream on a princess

Frou frou addiction on my favorite trensh-coat

Froufrou Mania

Creamy, cloudy, white detail from my collection.

I love Ruffles,
I love white,
I love layering,
I love mixing textures...
All images from my exhibition
" Between Heaven & Earth "collection
summer 2008
All Images from Marc Jacobs Runway
Spring 2010 ready to wear...

Monday, September 14, 2009


Photo Fredrik Ottosson
Top Rita Saardi

I Love white
this is an old photography
of a beauty in her forest...
I just love this top it took me
ages to finish it but it was worth it...

Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen for a while today...
I'm happy and I feel safe in a strange way...
it's really nice to be together with people we love...
I'm gonna enjoy every second of the day,
my collection can wait at home to be finished
there are more important things in life
then a dead line..
Beeing together with people I love
is deffinitly top of my list...
Hoping it's gonna give me energy to finish
the rest of the collection later :)
I'm off...
& I enjoy it...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News From fashion...

Miss Angéline Mélin

You love fashion illustrations?
You have to check my friends Angélines
new blog
it's fresh and fun
Honestly I feel like I want the items in her
drawings more then the real stuff
in the boutique...
I like it it's so
Parisian of her ;)
Enjoy it &
Have fun...

My New Site ... Enjoy :) My new website by my darling Aurélien Lemoine :) Merci mon amour...