Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lovely in white CREAM...

Detail of my white cloud dress

Detail of Marc Jacobs beautiful layering

Detail of my white body

Detail of Marc Jacobs white ruffle dress

Detail of an evening dress in my "Between Heaven & Earth" collection

Detail of a shoulder Marc Jacobs

Detail of my top in a cloudy dream

Detail of Marc Jacobs in another dream

Big collar in my "Between Heaven & Earth" collection

Big collar in the Marc Jacobs fantasy show...

My princess in white ruffles...

Marc Jacobs Ruffle dream on a princess

Frou frou addiction on my favorite trensh-coat

Froufrou Mania

Creamy, cloudy, white detail from my collection.

I love Ruffles,
I love white,
I love layering,
I love mixing textures...
All images from my exhibition
" Between Heaven & Earth "collection
summer 2008
All Images from Marc Jacobs Runway
Spring 2010 ready to wear...

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Elva Makeup said...

Helt underbara kreationer!

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