Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's All About The details...

A look from my "Waiting To Be Kissed" Collection

Detail view of the collar

Silk lace & silk tull draped on with love...

these embroideries in gold made by hand took me 20 hours to make...

I guess details are the heart of my work,
unfortunately I can't always afford the details
of my imagination,
but when I can I try my best to use it in subtle
places and just enough for the eye to enjoy
my aim is not to be overwhelmed by it
but to be tickled and
satisfied by the creative delicacy
that it offers to the
In this collection
"Waiting To Be Kissed"
the details are that little extra tickle
who makes them so desirable.
Enjoy the details,
Life is all about that,
a smile,
a letter,
a flower on a skirt,
a kiss...


Anonymous said...

Beaucoup de poësie, d'amour, de passion et de nostalgie dans tes vêtements, j'aime vraiment beaucoup ce que tu fais bravo, courage car je sais que c'est un long long travail mais le resultat est tellement beau qu'il se laisse delecter, bisous. N.E

Rita said...

Merci N.E
j'ai des doutes sur qui se cache derrière ces initiales...
On a pas été dans la même classe par hazard??? ;)

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