Sunday, November 15, 2009

Would Lady GaGa Wear This ?

My "Flowers In A Box" Hat

Lady GaGa Perfect Look

My "Cotton Candy" set from the new
"Waiting To Be Kissed" collection

My Transparent dress &
"tulle et dentelle" underwears...

Lady GaGa sparkling Glitter...

My "All wrapped In Black" dress

Queen GaGa

It's quiet late
01.05 in Paris...
I can't sleep
and I was wondering
Lady GaGa
any of my designs???
I think she would look great in my
Black body with her black crown...
with her red hair she would
look great in some of my
"Waiting To Be Kissed"


Anna said...

But, of course! Hon är en kvinna som skulle bära upp det så bra! Jag tänkte också på henne när jag ser dina plagg! <3


Nataly R. said...

By the way when I was looking at your designs I was thinking-it's exactly what Lady Gaga could wear! your clothes are very feminin but at the same time they are very artistic and bold! great job! You should show this straigh to Lady Gaga-I'm sure she'll like it! good luck!:)

Rita said...

Tack Anna :) Jag tycker hon skulle göra kläderna grymmare :)

Thank you Nataly, I'm sure that Lady GG have like one thousand of great designers waiting for her to say yes... Like Mr I can dream on.... just like I dream on working on a Madonna costume for stage....

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