Thursday, January 21, 2010

Karin Ström In Rita Saardi :)

Karin Ström in my nail-polish pink jacket
collection " Waiting To Be Kissed"

Finally the new fun video for
"Hackney Downs"
I wrote earlier that she would
be wearing my pink jacket for the video
"Hon som älskade dig"
well I found out by the Lady herself that
something happened and she couldn't
wear it to that video...
but instead she used it for this new one...
"Hakney Downs"
Her songs are lovely.
I know most of you don't understand...
well it's in Swedish...

Learn Swedish then :)

I really love this song.....
I regret not being a part of this video....
Beautiful Stockholm in the background...
"Hon Som Älskade Dig"
"She Who Loved you"
Special thank you To Andreas at Ibeyo :)


Eva said...

Hello Miss Saardi
I like Karin, I like your work awfully lot, but the video could have been a bit better
don't like hair and makeup that much, makes Karin look to hard, my humble opinion, but I love her and I love you.

Eva P.

Rita said...

Hi Eva,

thank you for your opinion, it's always important for me to know what people think, it's the only way that a designer can get better....
about the video it's not my work and I'm not gonna give my opinion about the details and the video... all I know is that I'm happy that Karin discovered my collection and in my turn I discovered her lovely songs :)

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