Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Pictures....

Pictures removed after photographers request.
Updated pics will replace the old ones soon.
Sorry for this, I don't usually take away
anything that I posted but Photographer insisted
on making them better.
Thank you Rita.

Photographer: ----------
Stylist: Sasha Rainbow
Make Up: Olle Johansson
Hair: Sophia Ringberger
Model: Daniella Midenge
Collection By MOI :)

You remember when I wrote about a shooting
I had this last summer with photographer
----------- of my collection
"Waiting To Be Kissed"
well here are the final pics...
enjoy :)


élodie said...

écoutes c'est beau car tes fringues sont là sinon je ne sais pas si j'aime tro?!?!?! je trouves tes polas plus vivant ca te ressemble mieux ;) bisou

Anonymous said...

seriously your pola are ten times more beautiful then these pics the photographer is not in your category what a shame!

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