Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sightseeing In Les Puces

Yesterday I was showing My Paris
to Alexandra who is making an interview about
me for a fashion magazine... you'll know more in time...
I took her to "Les Puces" Market where you find
all sort of things in Paris and
I discovered this place that is quiet new,
They opened in May this year
and they have beautiful things inside...
"Tombées Du Camion"
as it's called
( Falling off the truck, nice one :)
Is candy for the eyes...
The girl holding the shop
explained to us that everything you can find in the shop
are things that have never been used...
Lovely Lovely Leftovers...
The boutique is so beautifully decorated
you want to stay there forever,
it's like a beautiful unreal Alice In wonderland place
Next time you're in Paris...
Take a look at this place :)

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