Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mes Pola à Moi 2

I Love this look...
Purple silk georgette dress
Purple silk organza under dress
Silver sequins neckpiece
Water lilies neckpiece
Black & White silk lace Bras

Rita Saardi
Waiting To Be Kissed


J'aime said...

That dress is beautiful. , blacks, soft pinks and reds. nes of it. Purples, blacks, soft pinks and reds.


Rita said...

Thank you.... I love this combination of colors.... The soft pinks was an accident in this collection, I was supposed to use a creamy white... couldn't find a nice fabric in that color... decided to use this "cotton candy Pink" as I call it...couldn't resist it in the shop bought it immediately..... and it made everything much more interesting...

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