Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dannys Heaven...

This is amazing...

I came across this on my friends blog
Hea7en magazine
it's still very fresh,
they opened it this week...
a complementary space to their magazine
where you can discover fashion talents in all fields...
I wish them good luck with both their online magazine
and this new blog that I will definitely be checking out
in the future...
We all know
Danny Roberts fascinating drawings...
only today I found out on Hea7en
that he has a personal blog....
it's really precious, no other way to describe it,
personally I could spend hours going through
all his drawings,
his picture diary ....
this video caught my attention,
it's nice to see how a work develop,
and I love the little music
from Amelie Poulain :)
perfect for Monsieur Roberts delicate brush strokes


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