Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paris Le 4 Mars 2010

Nina Ricci Le Show

This "Flower Door" was soooo beautiful in real...
Voilà my tiny little inputs for the show, hope you like

when I think about the hours and hours of work that
those belts took me.... But they look hot on the
runway, definitely worth it :)

I'm in love with this picture... pretty happy about
my flowers framing her face :)

Ylonka actually posed in front of my lens :) unreal...
she looked so pretty and my flowers suited her perfectly

I really love this picture of Frida backstage...

I was really happy to be a tiny part of this show...
I'm quiet pleased with my 3D bouquets
combined to the perfectly tailored and draped
pieces, I enjoyed seeing my tiny flowers blooming
on a shoulder, around a hip,
on a bust...
and for the first time in my life to see
something by me on a Parisian catwalk
on beautiful models like this made
my year actually :)

some of the pictures are "borrowed" from
Style.com and Dazed Digital


Grace said...

Rita you truly have a signature, I'm always amazed how you can make simple things like a flower or a bow look so dramatic and poetic. Your sense for colors and fabrics and all this melange you're so good at takes my breath away $$$ I wish you all the best, I know you're happy to do this but don't write tiny input, because it's not tiny at all. did you read Style Bubble?


Rūta said...

your flowers are more then amazing, absolutelly adorable color palette and the colection was just perfect( as allways).

Laurel said...

Hi Sweet Rita,
Wow-these are all gorgeous and don't sell yourself short - you are very talented and much more than a tiny part . I
am so thrilled you sent me this and I will post tomorrow.
Congrats !! well deserved recognition.
You are wonderful!!

Plantress said...

I feel like I could cry reading your words. In a good way. It's so exciting to see the work out there in the world. I love your flowers they make me swoon! I am inspired to shop for inexpensive items that will make me think of your flowers. Best wishes and I am following along

Rebecca said...

Dear Rita
You are inspiring me in so many ways, I don't understand how a talent like you still don't have production, your latest collection waiting to be kissed, is just every girls dream come true, no wonder Nina Ricci invited you over. You need more lights on you my dear because you are truly talented.


Emma said...

Ok, I was angry that Theyskens left the house, but now that I see that they have someone smart enough to invite you in I changed my mind, I like the house again ;)
Your stuff is beautiful Rita, I'm sure if they gave you more free hands and more time you would have lifted up the collection even more

when are you coming to Stockholm????????????????


Rita said...


Thank you so much, makes me smile that someone enjoy my work that much, I am pretty passionate about what i do and it's true that I work in quiet difficult conditions so I'm extra glad when people enjoy the effort :)

Thank you


Thank you, I hope I will make it to production one day cause I still have so much more to give, I honestly don't put that much effort in each collection since I never have more then 1 month to execute it.... so I really hope that one day I will be able to give it all my attention...


I am a big fan of Theyskens as well... I admire his talent, he is really one of a kind....
I feel that Nina Ricci is in good hands, Peter Copping is a very clever designer, he don't suffer from "designer ego" syndrome and I feel he is taking his job seriously and giving the Nina Ricci House what they want, and that is "pretty feminine designs that every girl and woman want to have in her closet" which isn't an easy task either....

as for me, thank you for the compliments, what I wish for is to have free hands to create my own label, the rest is really not my goal otherwise I would have been working in a fashion house by now.... I'd rather take the hard way and built up my label from nothing :) there are days I cry over this and days when I am really proud :)

Rita said...

oups, I didn' t see, Rüta, Laurel, Grace thank you all for your support and kind words :)

Grace yes, I thank Susanna Lau from the buttom of my heart she always write something about my collection on Style Bubble.... I feel honored...
Laurel..... you're too kind :)
Rüta I don't know if it's always perfect but thank you....



Dalia said...

I knew you had something to do with this, Rita you truly have a signature, I have promised myself that if you ever make it into production I will buy something from your first collection no matter how much it will cost because I'm in love with your work, you know that right ??? LOVE THIS