Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Japanese Got Taste ...

My husband just sent me a link on Facebook,
he found this Japanese blog
I think it's called Fartnable as in
Fashion+Art by a girl named Phoebe!!!!!
I really liked the blog probably cause we like the same things...
anyway she was talking about my collections...
I mean I don't understand a word,
maybe they are saying it sucks....
I love it when it happens cause I love
japanese style
I enjoy the idea of my pictures on the laptop
of a Japanese fashionista crying
KAWAÏ....... :)
and in the i-pod of the blog
I found this...
I love this song but
I had never seen this...
The Girl From Ipanema...


Phoebe said...

OOOOOOOOOOh my god!!!!

I didn't know you are talking about me!!!!!!!!!!!

What a amazing!!!

No No! It's not suck at all!
I wrote about you on my blog,and All of my friends loved your designs!

And yes, I love everything you love.Somehow it's all same!
I deeply love flowers.
I love to express beauty of flower with fashion.
I although design womens wear.
(I graduated Central Saint Martins.)

You always inspire me,and make me happy.

Please keep create beatiful things as long as you can.
I think that's your mission given from God.I believe so.

Me and my blogger friends are really looking forward to see your new collection.

Thank you so much.
xxx Phoebe from japan.

Phoebe said...

Hello! This is Phoebe who is Japanese Blogger!

Just amazing!!!

You read my blog!!!!!

I wrote message to you on my blog!

Please read this.


Thank you!

Rita said...

Dear Phoebe,

Thank you so much for all your lovely messages and posts about my work on your blog.... I'm glad you found my little post about you because I didn't know how to contact you and thank you for your enthusiasm for my designs :)
You seem to be a very lively girl with a lot of energy to spread :) really really happy to communicate with you...
My husband discovered your blog actually he likes googling my name sometimes and send me the link the 16th of march and I wrote about it :)
so nice that you found it :)
I would love to discover your designs as well.... where can I see it???
you can e-mail me on contact@ritasaardi.com...
Let's keep in touch....
I think this is really fun :)

Hugs from Paris


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