Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nina Ricci & Flower Girl

My lovely friend Kinga working on a last tiny bow :)

Picture of Peter Copping on Love Magazine Blog today

All the bags of fabrics I was receiving at home :)

I'm so excited...
I can finally share this information with you!
I have been working on a special little project
for the last couple of weeks...
I've been invited to collaborate
with Nina Ricci Head Designer
Peter Copping for the upcoming
fall 2010 collection ...
Can't wait till the fashion show tomorrow evening
when I can finally share some images and
tell you more about this.
It has been a great trip,
I've had really fun working with his team
and I'm extremely impressed by
Peter Copping himself.
I will carry this experience with me forever
it has been a lot of hard work but so much fun,
and I feel really great to have worked with
such a lovely team.

You can follow the


Camilia said...

I saw the belts and the flower bustier dress on style and I was thinking this looks exactly like Rita Saardis last collection, and now I find out it is. You are amazing, all this and you don't even have a working place or a selling point, talent, talent, talent my dear.

Rita said...

Thank you Camilia,

hope you're fine, yes many friends e-mailed me telling as usual when they find something similar to my collections only this time "luckily" it wasn't a rip off of any kind and they were all happy to know that it was a collaboration and not some copy cat stealing my stuff for a change......

Take care Rita

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