Friday, October 15, 2010

Ikea Garderob Competition...

I'm participating in a fun contest
called Ikea Garderob
Ikea wardrobe
it takes place in Stockholm Sweden
and you can help me...
just click on this link
and then click on gilla
that means "LIKE" in Swedish
and that's it, you have helped me a lot :)

there are 367 participants
a jury is gonna pick up 25 of those
and they will have their little place in an exhibition
in central Stockholm...
the winner will also get
a gift in cash....

The 25th october Rita wrote again:

Hello, I am now one of the 25 finalists that
the jury picked up,
you can keep on voting for me
besides the jury price
there is the peoples price...
that's yours....
So the more you vote the bigger is my pic on the site
and the better chance I have to win it :)
I am sooo exhausted,
I went back home to Paris last week,
to meet my husband and have some air...
unfortunately I was caught in the middle of the French strike...
oh la la these frogggies...
when I came back to Stockholm I had so much to do
at work and today was actually my first day off
I had to plan a little for the exhibition cause tomorrow I'm
working again and on wednesday we're supposed to built the
exhibition for Ikea....
soooooo one day of planing it's not enough but....
it's gonna be quiet beautiful anyway I
can promise you that :)

Thank you to all my friends and to all of you
clicking on "gilla"
I "gilla" you too :)


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