Friday, October 8, 2010

My Fashion Shopper...

Illustration by a friend we have in common Angéline Melin ;)

I am happy to share with you
my friends Nadine Andréewitch new site,
She is a celebrity stylist based in Paris
with a fashion background in houses like Louis Vuitton
and has worked for the famous Vogue Paris...
and now she is offering her expertise
to anyone who needs her help.
She'll be your personal stylist,
How exciting...
She will guide you in the jungle of fashion in Paris
offer you her services like wardrobe analysis at home
or shopping day for every budget...
It's up to you to pick up the service you need.
check her site out and if you're in Paris and need some help
book her in advance, she'll be your personal shopper
in Paris :)

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