Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is how it feels...

It feels like the beats in this song when you're
being creative
you feel your blood rushing through your veins...
it's an excellent feeling...
( your head is spinning like
Marie Antoinette, only she from champagne
and mine from concentrating on small
fabric pieces in my hands :)

I'm working on a special project,
for the first time I'm creating for someone else
"officially" ,
it's complicated ( you have to deal with others...
some are too professional
some less don't know which is worse
I'm so used to be by my own )
but it's a nice collaboration
an ultra feminine fashion house
with an open minded
and human Head Designer...
of corse I can't tell you more about it...
but I just felt I needed a break
from all my lace :)
thought I'll write a couple of lines to
share this feeling...
my back hurts
but the rest is good :)
froufrou for life


Belly :) said...

Lucky fashion house that got you,
I'm dying to know laquelle :-) please please tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
be careful though babe, you give them a finger they take your arm, trust me I know ;)
buy the way I showed your work to one of the designers who works with you know who... and she loved it, no wait first she loved it and then when I told her how you make everything by yourself in three weeks she fell off her chair ha ha ha ok she didn't but almost.
have to see you to tell you all the details when are you leaving?

B. ( the belly dancer ha ha )

julialuckett said...

great post! I feel the same way about painting and writing songs. There is a certain energy that flows through you when things are working, and that song captures it very well!

Julia Luckett

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