Saturday, February 6, 2010

HEA7EN #2 Online now...

HEA7EN 2 Finally online...

I'm so excited,
finally after a couple of month
of cruel and endless waiting
of the new issue of
it's finally online.
I'm glad to future in this second number,
Hea7en discovered my work already
in their first issue
thanx to the beautiful editorial
where stylist
Emma Thorstrand had used a couple
of pieces of my
if you are curious and want to discover
this new issue and read
this interview with moi :)
You can discover a couple of personal polaroids
and the beautiful photographies
that she took of my work
where stylist Anna Hassan-Reza played
with my last two collections
"All Wrapped In Black"
& "Waiting to Be Kissed"
I want to say a big thank you
to all those people I mentioned here
and special thank You To
Françoise Chief Editor
of Hea7en for
her intrest in my work
and her determination
of presenting to you a beautiful
and personal interview of me :)
David also merci.
Elva, the make up is perfect
thank you for beeing the one
who discovered my work
and started this whole thing :)
Hanse, the hair rocks :)

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