Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things I enjoyed doing before...

collage fabric, textile details & paper on glass and cardboard
Rita Saardi, Svensk Form summer 2005 Stockholm

Back in 2005 I used to make things just for
the fun of it, just because I wanted to...
Today over dinner we were a couple of girls all
four of us working in fashion
talking about how aggressive and dishonest
the fashion world actually is
at least here in Paris...
we had so many horrible stories to share...
how is it possible that in a field where
people are supposed to be creative open minded
and rule breaking there is nothing
of that left today anymore.
We even shared some racism stories...
yes some people in fashion are true racists,
true old-fashioned and conservative
people who don't want to
"mix" with others...
In the end of the evening I was giving
one of the girls an advice
and I heard myself saying
" don't force yourself, don't follow any rules
just have fun, remember why you're
a fashion designer and just have fun"
and then I thought I should tell this to myself more often...
to all my friends in fashion
to special girls
Tina, Kinga, Nadine, Eve, Valentine...
Don't let anyone break your spirit
for sure the bitches are outnumbering us
but we're too smart to let them win
shake them off you, punch them,
kick them, bully them out,
do whatever you want
but don't ever give up
your dreams
don't ever sell your soul
stay focus and most important

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