Wednesday, April 7, 2010

coming soon...

New Collection
Autumn By The Horticulturist
by moi
presentation @ IBEYOSTUDIO
Stockholm 14 april


Tom Barratt said...

Wow, that looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see it! Good luck for the presentation, this collection is going to be amazing I can just tell!
Oh and Rita I blogged about you the other day :D
Spreading the word about your work! Hope your okay, I'm sure you are with this collection awaiting it's reveal!
Tom xx

Alice Saga said...

J'ADORE these picture my Mademoiselle!

Rita said...

Tom, that's really sweet, thank you, how are you???
and please you're welcome, you asked in a really kind and honest way I couldn't but reply with all my heart :)

Alice.... you're too kind... but it puts me in a better mood that you like :) when are you coming to Parieee :)

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