Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Collection

" It's a collection that I had to realize in no time, 5 weeks from idea to finish, so it was important for me to keep it simple and practical which is in perfect harmony with how I'm feeling right now, I used a lot of lace, guipure, crochet, but also wool organza, silk and even some sequins, I tried to keep the line simple and elegant accentuating the waist and slightly working volumes around shoulders and waist lines... I wanted it to have a very delicate and chic feeling leaving many possibilities in mixing the pieces together to create different looks.

I played a lot with transparency and see through leaving you the choice of revealing or hiding by the options of layering and styling, it is a very playful collection and every piece can easily be mixed to your own wardrobe creating a very personal style. As for the details that I am so fond of they were delicately floral this time, a "clin d'oeil" to my previous collections and my collaboration with Nina Ricci, I wanted to have fun with a winter collection twisting the seasons around and finally having the revenge of the happy spring on the melancholic autumn.""

For any further information please contact Andreas Sjöstrand at IBEYOSTUDIO.


van kunder said...

Elegant. Beautiful. Chic.

Plantress said...

I am so excited by the picture. I love the description. Is there more I can see?

Rita said...

Van Kunder, thank you
plantress, thank you, I don't have any professional pictures to share with you but I'm working on my site it only takes some time cause I do everything by myself with my husband.... but you'll be able to see them on a doll just like in this picture quiet soon.... I promise :)

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